What is the main reason on investment from Google Facebook Amazon and other tech companies in India, so suddenly?

From the mid of the 2019, India had changed IT policies; and IT sector is the big mart of Indian economy.
Let’s speak first about Facebook, last year fb has already faced a fine of $5 billion on data theft or breach of privacy. Facebook and WhatsApp play a critical role in the Indian and US Elections, according to the New York Times. We realized that Instagram and WhatsApp owned Twitter, which also has heavy traffic from different parts of the world. Now the question arises here, why does Facebook want to invest under developed countries like in India rather than in others? The only solution to that is simple data and advertising.

Indian government is rising the digital tax program that will mainly impact Facebook and google businesses with Amazon, which has invested in Indian digital platforms many times. India has a huge population, according to some reports, and a significant number of people will use internet and social media apps within 5 years. Which means a lot of advertising and data. With that data, they can put India into trouble for data privacy or can do business with that. With every bits of internet, they are going to install the “Third Eye” on each Indian via digital media. Likewise, Chinese social media and their government, and soon India will be moving on Chinese footsteps.
Facebook-Jio joins hands in India, with Facebook investing $5.7 billion in the telecommunications sector; that Facebook who has registered their name on the list of data sniffing. And Google also paid to a record $170 million fine and make changes to protect children’s privacy on YouTube, as regulators said the video site had knowingly and illegally harvested personal information from children and used it to profit by targeting them with ads.
Google, Facebook and Amazon want to compete with the government sectors at the top level of Indian GDP, which would cut off those digital charges. With such billions of investments that India cannot refuse in a pandemic crisis like that. Sure, dealing with Chinese companies is 30 percent less costly than other nations, so google wants to support Indian people with legal hands so they can track such a large population, get all the data from the search engines that will support them in business.

So the question is, India is preparing to sell the data and information of their citizens to the international companies or opening the vault for the cyber threat?

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