Top 6 interview questions which is you have to face anywhere. Must read now

An interview is something you are going to explain about yourself and your knowledge to the interviewer.
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Not precisely every interviewer hires the applicant by the qualifications and experiences; many are there to test your confidence and working ability with team or crew members in their companies and what are the common mistakes you usually do when you are in a hurry, running out of schedules and other pressures. Here are some of the best tips from the experienced interviewer, which helps you to get the job by the interview process.

Here we go.


  1. The first and heart raising question… Tell me about yourself?


Yes, the first question or first word from the interviewers are always heartbeat raising type (if you are facing the first or second interview). There is a difference between these two questions: tell me about yourself and give your introduction. The interviewer starts with these type of questions to test your confidence, enthusiasm, and the passion you answer well. So if you get stuck in these two questions and unfortunately made a mistake, then interviewer only ask you for fun.


Then what is best way to answer?

You have to answer these type of questions from basic levels because it sounds like an official. Likewise, where you grew up, what kind of environment you study, your qualification from higher school level. You can also talk about the past working experience if you have, either training type or attending any live or significant project type. And then you came upon your interest and hobbies, but carefully here, your interest list must be profitable for the company.

Demo: I grew up in a non-tech environment where there were no such mobile and computer systems but were there great mentors. I was not a smart kid who stood first in school but was close to new and different things to discover. Choosing computer science engineering at bachelor level was a dream because of m so close to the coding department without any minor errors. I have had attended national level events, and I love to work with good IQ team members. I do respect my working time so that I never give any chance to my followers to criticize. No doubt I wish to hang on with my laptop for computer games and other stuff in my spare times.


  1. What are your strengths?


Do not try to think after you got this question to answer. Start with simple and common strengths which every people got by birth. And please do not explain those things which are not asked. If you were asked about strengths, then try to give only powers of your not say a word about your weakness type. By this question, the interviewer will find sure that you are fit for their company or not.

Do not start with the sentences like “my strengths are this that.”


Demo: I believe in a work detail and do the planning for next hours so that I can set my time according to workload. Even I was in college I organized my week, so it never let me feel headache which is chosen with great mood. I call this my strengths.


3. What about your weakness?

Don’t be too open for this question. And don’t take seriously about yourself for this question. Be positive with every negative point on you. If you think divergent with own soon, the interviewer starts to think negative on your abilities too.


Demo: I take time at the initial period of the event but soon at the top after getting the full detail of the race. Sometimes I took the time to give a perfect finishing to work and that what I think is my dark weakness.



  1. Where do you see after 5 years? And what you are doing to reach there?

This question is to check you how long you are committed with your job and this company. And how much you put efforts to reach the company to the next level.


Demo: I set my goals and peak points, and for that, I focus on increasing my experience level, so that is the way which drives me to my destiny.

(After this answer, fills the air inside and feels like the king)


  1. How well you work under working pressure or running out of schedules?


If this question is asked to you, then it means that you are going to be select, so think a little before you speak out.


Demo: These type of situations are so much familiar to me because I know how to handle this situation, and for that, I work more continuously and with more passionate instead of getting worried.


  1. How you take crucial decisions at a critical time?

Do not answer like childish. For example: “I can handle important decisions, I master on it., never had on that.” Completely wrong answer.


Demo: well I said earlier that I’m perfect for my schedule projects but incase if this type of situations encounters on my way then I would like to take expert advice from seniors and well-experienced members which let me make the satisfying decision for the future too.

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