Why people say its a “Marathon Mistake”

Defining a marathon:

Officially a long run that spans over a distance of 42.195 kilometers may be classified as a Marathon. Marathons are one of the original events of the Olympics of 1896. Most of the time the marathon runners do not run to win marathons and reach the first place, but, they run to set their own time limits and personal records. Repeated marathons make allow you to break your prior barriers and test the physical strength and stamina of the body. Training plays a very important part in marathons. 

Why Training?

Normally a human body can decompose carbohydrates consumed within a day to Glycogen with the help of the liver and muscles. An average day would store up to 8MJ or approximately 2000Kcal of energy. This amount of energy is a supplement for a long run of 30 miles for an average body. Now, the training involved adapts the body to use energy from the fat and keep this glycogen as a reserve. This can happen gradually with the right set of training techniques. If not trained effectively, a first-time runner can be susceptible to various kinds of risks mentally and physically. Some of them are:

  • Nausea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Tendonitis 
  • Sprains
  • Extreme dehydration leading to a collapse 

First time runners take care

Not Trained for it: Not having a training program lends sudden stress physically to your organs and is very hazardous. Most of us believe that we can make our bodies do the impossible..But the basic fact that human beings are delicately crafted cannot be negated. A proper training module helps you build the stamina required, gradually. Again have to plan your day well in advance. You cannot have a strenuous dance class and then go for a 42-kilometer run. You just cannot cope up unless you are extensively trained to do so.

Being Conscious about the crowd: Ignore the others in the race. There is no need to pay attention to what the other contestant is wearing and how good or bad their running maybe. You have to concentrate on what you are doing. So there is no need to panic and try something beyond your capacity.

Fluid Intake: Over-consumption of water and fluids would break down the sodium in your body and result in vomiting and seizures. The fluid intake needs to be managed according to the specific body type. The height, weight, sex and body type of a runner needs to be considered while administering the fluid intake.

Being Fashion Conscious: Rest well before the big day and on the day of the race just wear something that will allow you to run freely. There is a certain amount of style quotient associated with the marathon too. But then, you cannot compromise for the comfort of your running. After all, that’s why you are there in the first place aren’t you?

Setting the pace: It is very important to know your pace. Taking a lead too fast will leave you exhausted by the time you are nearing the finish line and a slower than needed start, will leave you panting for breath. So set your own pace. Running at someone else’s pace will not help.

As they say that a Marathon is a long way to go!

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