Effective ways to burn more calories without actually working out …


 Everybody should be concerned and conscious about their health. There are several ways to maintain and control your weight. Every person in the world wants to give perfect shape and size to their body. People work out and exercise to lose weight. People join the gym, hire a trainer, and take advice from experts and many more. It is often said that every problem has its solution. However, if you want to burn calories without working out, you have to adapt some habits and make a few changes to your daily diet and program. I will give you some tips to burn calories without working out:


Prefer foods that take a while to digest:  You must prefer digestible foods for you. Avoid eating the habits of junk and oily foods. You must conscious about the foods that have more fiber, 


ü Fruits like raspberries, pears, and apples

ü Vegetables like peas, artichokes, and broccoli 

ü Almonds, beans and lentils

ü Barley, whole wheat. Cornflakes


Take smaller bites: When you have your food, you had better try to avoid placing large bites into your mouth, you must prefer small bites into your mouth. It gives a fruitful result to you.


ü Split up your food before you eat; if you love non-vegetarian foods, then cut meat or chicken into small pieces.

ü Use smaller utensils to eat your food. 

ü Avoid large teaspoons and prefer smaller spoons. 

Drink hot water/lemon before going to bed:  You must drink warm water or hot water with lemon before going to bed. Drinking hot water before going to bed is very useful and fruitful for you. Hot water is beneficial to burn your calories.


Count Calories: Food for burn calories comes down to simple addition- you had better burn more calories than you are taking in. Find out the calories in the food items you regularly eat and put it up at the end of every day; you can also download food applications in your android mobile or Iphone.


Eat digestible foods in your breakfast:  You had better eat digestible foods in your breakfast. Grapefruit, cereals, and barley are the best edible food to burn calories. 


Eat at a regular distance of time:  Eating on a weekly schedule and interval helps your body stay in a model that permits it to burn the accurate amount of calories. If you’re eating, habits are erratic or you’re habituated to skipping your food, I am sorry to tell you that you can’t burn your calories. A usual food timetable helps you a lot with what you desire.


Avoid eating in front of the television: You must avoid eating your meal in front of the TV. If you are eating while watching the video, you are not mentally connecting to consuming your meal. 


Avoid eating late at night:  As we all know that our body does not burn a lot of calories while we are asleep. It would help if you made your time table for your dinner. You must drink herbal tea after your dinner or before going to bed. 

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